Summer is here!!!

Very beautiful day in NYC! DJ and Aiden are dressed for the weather.
Happy Tuesday everyone!



Great Weekend with My boys!

We started off the weekend with one gift for each boy just because!

DJ got his Mini Kick Scooter which he has been wanting for so long!


Aiden got the cutest little Xylophone/ Banging toy ever by Hape Toys!


They played!


We ate grilled chicken wraps 😛




Went to the park before the rain.


I almost lost a finger helping DJ cut the images on this HW assignment!


We finger painted!


They bathed in a blue bubble bath thanks to Crayola Bath Dropz


They had some fun after their baths.


And this is how it ended :-/


I wish I had the opportunity to do this everyday with my boys. I cant help but think about all of the things they get to do at daycare and

how much of it I miss day-to-day.

But hey, there are always weekends right?

¡Bendición Mami!

Mother’s Day in the US is only 1 day away. As I was on the subway this morning I found myself remembering many of the traditions that my mother passed along to us and how I am already beginning to incorporate my favorite one with my boys.

En la cultura latina it is very common to have children ask their parents for a blessing. In my family we typically do it as a greeting, so every interaction between my mother and her children begins with “Bendicion Mami“. She then replies “dios te bendiga mi amor” and if possible gives us a big kiss and hug. My mom has always been extremely affectionate with us. Often kissing and hugging us even as adults. I believe that the ritualistic aspect of asking for my blessing since I was a small child have made this an automatic action as soon as I see or speak to my mom.

As an adult with children of my own I still ask mi mami for my blessing every time we interact. There is something about this that feels so good, safe and loving. DJ is 2.5 years old, and every morning I ask him to ask me for his blessing, in the hopes that it can become a part of our relationship. I know he’s very young but I hope that after repeating the same actions daily, both he and his brother can feel the same way I do about it. It provides me with a way to feel closer to my mother. To feel her love from her daily blessings and from her embrace. I can only hope it does the same for my boys.

What are some traditions or rituals that your mother or caregivers shared with you? And how have they impacted your interactions with you children?

Have you started any traditions of your own with your children?